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Petite Traveler’s 2016 Photo Contest!
Want your little one to be the face of Petite Traveler’s?

Here’s your chance to be the 2016 Petite Traveler! Photographed in early fall 2015, by local photographer Zofia & Co., your kiddo will be the face of Petite Traveler’s in 2016!
Photos used for Petite Traveler’s 2016 advertising purposes!

Just submit a photo below of your Petite Traveler (ages newborn to 3 years old) having fun on Nantucket! Photos submitted must be taken on Nantucket! Families can submit photos of multiple children together! Up to 3 photos can be submitted per child.

Photos can be submitted March 1st 2015 – August 31st 2015! Voting period begins Labor Day Weekend (2015) where there is a photo campaign for 3 contestants. It’s up to you to encourage “likes” and votes on our various social media outlets! The photo with the most “likes,” wins! Winner announced mid-September! Photo shoot slated for late September on Nantucket! Expenses paid for by Petite Travelers! Once winner is selected, we will coordinate the details with a parent/guardian over the age of 18.
If you do not want to enter to win, but would like to showcase your Petite Traveler on our online gallery – that’s fun too! We encourage parents, grandparents and guardian’s to submit your summer fun with us! Make sure to hash tag photos too! #PetiteTravelers or #NantucketBabyGearRentals @PetiteTravelers
By submitting a photo, you are allowing Petite Traveler’s to include the photo on its website. Submitted photos will not be edited or used for any advertising purposes!
**We know there’s nothing cuter than a baby fresh out of the bathtub, but please refrain from submitting these types of photos!
Use attached photos for this page on instructions!

Photo Contest